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We only did that once.) He knows that my parents don’t know about us. Even as I write this, I asked him why he was OK with this secret.“Because I didn’t fall in love with you knowing that,” he said. In the first, I’m in love with my boyfriend, Josh, of three and a half years and going strong.We go on road trips to Memphis and Montreal, we explore abandoned hospitals, we’re a writer/photographer duo — he reviews and I shoot concerts, he showers me with rabbit paraphernalia, I send him lyrics that remind me of us.I don’t have the heart to tell them that that’s never going to happen.And so, because it’s easier, and because I’m terrified of what the outcome would be, I’ve kept my relationship a secret. Constantly I’d hear about how they’d use me for a day before throwing me out like garbage.I don’t want to plan the rest of my life so far in advance. Josh is the furthest thing from who my parents expect me to spend the rest of my life with — not only is he white, he’s Jewish.

I timed it right: My parents were at work, my siblings were at school.My rebellious youth made things easier for my younger brother and sister — my parents don’t even bother calling to check up on them when they’re out late. My parents had an arranged marriage — my father’s parents set up meetings with suitable women in their village in Bangladesh, and that’s how he met my mother, the only woman who dared to show up with a broken sandal. Their marriage ceremony was elaborate, which Bangladeshi tradition called for. My parents assume I’ll go through the same steps: Relatively soon, because I just turned 26, my mother wants me to tell her that I want to get married. I’d pick the first decent guy to be my future husband.In the photographs, I see my mother wearing a red sari adorned with heavy gold jewelry everywhere. We’d get married, have babies, and live happily ever after.They know him as the guy who accompanied my sister and me to the book party at Barnes & Noble (we weren’t dating at that point).My sister knows about Josh — I told her in a few months after we started dating.

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They fought a lot when we were younger, and I vowed I’d never be like that.

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