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He agonized over writing his profile and finally decided to just write down the simple, raw truth about who he was, what he believed and what he brought to the party.

He was unapologetic about his desire for deeper connections with women and was bold in his expectations for honesty and authenticity.

He studied confidence and finally became clear about the source of his self-respect and sense of well-being.

Why did he allow himself to be emotionally jerked around? Their trial friendship ended in a couple of months and they numbly navigated their divorce dividing money, cars, pets and time with their kids.They would spend weekends together with the kids camping or hiking. They even had incredible sex one evening even though she said she was no longer attracted to him. He now recognized the unhealthy behaviors he used in marriage to manipulate Jessica and how he heavily relied on her for his happiness. His self-imposed standards and his boundaries needed to be defined. Here are some things to consider when dating the divorced guy versus dating a guy who has never said “I do.” 1. Then again, maybe I’m not giving the never been married guy enough credit. Just be aware that he’s never been married, so up until now, he hasn’t. He’s carrying way less baggage than the divorced guy. When it comes to dating after divorce, the opposite of a divorced guy is a guy who has never been married! In my opinion, sometimes it feels like they are from different planets! Or, maybe he’ll run for the hills the first time he sees you sitting on the bathtub ledge clipping your toenails. Here’s a plus for the guy who has never tied the knot.

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Maybe it’s choice, maybe it’s bad luck (or good luck) and maybe it shouldn’t even be factored into the relationship. ” That’s more important than his past marital status, don’t you think?

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