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Q: Did you work on the accent, did you get a coach on the accent? And so I got the accent down proper and then when we got to set, for the first couple of days that I was on-set I just kept the dialect coach with me, and said, “You have to help me find ways to milk this.” Because we’re in a Mike Myers film, OK, so we have to be funny. I would say something and then repeat it, you know, in zee accent, to try to, you know, to try to sort of keep it fresh. Especially to be part of something like this, you don’t get this call every day. Q: You’ve hosted two very good episodes of Saturday Night Live. I was looking at Andy, I finished the last lyrics and melody, and I said—Emmy. But it was something, you know, Lorne wanted us to do, you know, after the Chronicles of Narnia, Lorne said, we’re having Justin on the show, we have to do some sort of digital short. So I just basically modified the lines, added words here and there and put it together like a puzzle and put a melody to it. Justin: Imagine a sold-out Madison Square Garden singing the whole song. As far as getting nervous for SNL, it’s just pure excitement.

I didn’t think about it, somebody just pointed this out to me, I’m the only other caricature really in the film. Q: Does it help you to stay in character between takes? But you’re kind of just going, you know, a lot of it, like I said, was picking out certain words where you could mess with the rhythm of them and sort of make them funny. Because Mike doesn’t do this movie but every so often. Q: Did you go anywhere in that outfit to see if anybody recognized you? Do you get nervous when you’re hosting, and let’s talk about Dick in the Box. And Andy [Samberg] and I just got together, and I remember, him and his co-writers, I think one of them said, “What about the old Dick in a Box Joke? Then all of a sudden, I can’t remember who said it, but it was like, “What if we made a cheesy, early nineties R&B song out of it? Q: What about performing it in concert, didn’t you do that? You get that little bit of nervousness because you know the next hour and a half you’re just going to be running. I think that’s why they give you a week to figure it out, because you really don’t have time to think about what’s happening.

But I think a lot of it has to do with however you were prepared before that moment. I think the most fun moment on set was actually getting to take slap shots from Rob Lake. Meeting these legendary hockey players and then like skating around with them and them giving me tips on how to actually play goalie.

For me, my mom and my stepdad, I was born and raised in a home where, you know, we were always taught that everybody puts their pants on the same way every morning. How it’s affected me in my adult life with what dealing with what might become too much pressure to meet people’s needs or fascination, is I just let it go. I’m never going to do this after this movie’s over, it’s too painful.

The latter is how Justin Timberlake chose to commemorate Jessica Biel's thirty-fifth birthday, anyway, and the festivities—which took place Friday night—look 100 percent next level. First, there was this ridiculously sweet Instagram post from Timberlake to Biel that proves they are the definition of couple goals. Now, I know for sure that it's BETTER to be lucky than good.

It featured this missive as the caption: "You make me laugh. Ask me who the luckiest guy in the world is and I will tell you that you are looking at him. --J"It would genuinely be hard to imagine a more romantic post.

Q: Did he just send you the script or did he call you up and describe it to you?

Justin: He called first and then he sent the script and our conversation went something like, “Hey, I want you to come play the villain in this new movie I’m working on.

The reason for that is…he hosted two episodes of Saturday Night Live and both were very funny.

Didn’t know he’d end up serving 25 in jail—but it’s not my business. Q: So you’re surprised at the way things have turned out for you? I don’t know, everybody says, “Everything happens for a reason.” I don’t know about that, but I know that one thing leads to the other. You sort of feel—for instance, take a film like Black Snake Moan?

I think I’ve just been lucky enough to have some opportunities thus far to do films that I think are either good dramatic roles or good stories to tell or, you know, Jacques Grande. Basically, I was just an emotional wreck the whole movie, my character.

So just because you have, just because you can do one or two things extraordinarily. I remember when I was really young and my parents telling me, He’s a great basketball played but that doesn’t make him superhuman, you know? But I didn’t tell them that, I was just like, Thanks man, thank you. Justin: Not of my own, but I do have a lot of creative juice going into writing and producing my artists on our indie label.

People who are in relationships choose to celebrate birthdays in a variety of ways: a quiet night in with a lovingly prepared homemade dinner, a night out on the town, a few drinks with friends, a roller-skating party with custom T-shirts along with a public declaration of your love that more than a million people have liked. Speaking of, it doesn't get any BETTER than you...

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