Blocade backdating

Nearly every country in the world participated in World War II, with the exception of a few countries that remained neutral.

Namibia does not have an extradition treaty with the U.

By that time, the Soviet Army was also entering neighboring Yugoslavia, and the German Army was evacuating from Greece into Yugoslavia.

During World War II, Algeria, along with North Africa, were under the control of Nazi Germany and Vichy France.

On November 8, 1942 the Allies launched the first major offensive of the war codenamed Operation Torch. Eisenhower landed on the northern beaches and advanced south against an army of 60,000 Vichy troops.

The Allies retook Morocco along with Algeria, establishing the liberation of northern Africa.

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The leading Axis powers were Nazi Germany, the Kingdom of Italy and the Empire of Japan; while the United Kingdom, the United States, the Soviet Union and China were the "Big Four" Allied powers.

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